About District 3

My home for 18 years

I have lived in Eau Claire for 18 years – from the Eastside Hill, to the dorms of UW-Eau Claire, to my home of 11 years in the Third Ward. District 3 encompasses the Third Ward, UWEC, Putnam Heights/Southside (west of State Street), and the Eastside Hill (south of Altoona Ave and east of Lee Street). See a map of District 3 below or download a PDF of Eau Claire’s Aldermanic Districts.

I am passionate about the future of the district, and cognizant of the many issues we face to maintain and improve quality of life in our neighborhoods. Affordable housing is a critical issue in my district, which is why I participated in the Regional Housing Task Force and supported the creation of the City of Eau Claire Housing Opportunities Commission and the Affordable Housing Fund. This is just one example of an issue that a member of City Council should prioritize.

I want to hear what issues you face, and how you feel the city can help. Please email me and let me know what issues are important to you!